Short Circuit Computer Service

1 Runyon Road

(Crn Farrall Road)

Midvale. WA 6056

Post Office Box 294

Midland WA 6936

Telephone: 08 9250 1234

    Fax: 08 9250 2252





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Company Profile

After many years working as a general electronics technician, Andrew Graham completed a Diploma of Digital Systems and Computers at W.A.I.T in 1983 and then a Bachelor of Applied Science specialising in Computer Technology at Curtin University in 1987.

Andrew worked in computer research and development before starting service and repair work for a computer repair center.

Dissatisfied with how others ran their service organisations, Andrew vowed to improve the situation and so began Short Circuit Computer Service in 1991.

Since its humble beginnings in West Midland, Short Circuit Computer Service now operates from a modern well appointed workshop in Midvale near Midland

"We have built the success of our business on service" says Andrew Graham.

"Over the years we have seen other computer shops come and go but it has been our dedication to our customers that has kept us here".

Andrew Graham
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