Current Projects

Mitsubishi Colt Conversion Kits.

Change the existing motor in the Mitsubishi Colt to an ADC motor. This should give us a much higher top speed and better acceleration. Once we are totally happy with the whole thing we plan to strip the whole car down and produce a second set of components which we can market as a conversion kit for the Colt. There are plenty of "dead" colts out there, body work still good with burnt out motors. Finances are the only thing slowing us at present. We will keep you posted.

We have been experimanting with generators over the last few weeks. We now have a 3.8kVA electric start generator. The power factor brings the available power down to 3000W but we only seem to get about 2000W out of the thing when connected through the on-board charger. Looking at setting up a rectifier and reducing the voltage so we can connect it directly through to the propulsion pack.

3,800W  x  0.8 generator power factor = 3,040W   and     

3,040W  x  0.68 charger power factor = 2067W 

The on-board charger has a power factor of 0.68 which reduces the amount of usable power. We have been quoted about $10,000 for a power factor corrector so we can use all the available power. Needless to say we ran away, quickly!

Suddenly our expensive 3.8kVA generator looks like a cheaper 2kVA unit. So to get 40A of power at the batteries we would need an 11kVA generator. (Big, heavy and expensive). The car uses 80A to cruise at 80km/h. It looks cheaper and easier to put in more storage capacity with maybe a small generator for emergencies.

Must do some research into solar panels. I have seen some  light, thin, flexible panels which would fit over the body work but don't know their prices or specifications. Plenty of sunshine going to waste outside my window.

Falcon Wagon.

We have purchased an XE Falcon Wagon, 4 speed manual. Body in great condition, fresh paint job and good interior. Still licensed and goes! Almost a shame to pull out the motor. The motor is out now leaving a huge (greasy) space to play with under the bonnet.

Air Con? We have been working on a solid state design for heating and cooling of the car's interior. We have pulled out the whole dash board (please don't try this at home) and are working on a design to fit into the existing space allotted to the heater core and airconditioner evaporator. Some components are on order.

Solar? We have also been making serious enquiries into installing solar panels to provide a little extra current. It looks as though we would get about 2 or 3 amps at full voltage and at a cost of about $3500 !! At full blast the cooling system will draw 8A alone. Whether this is worthwhile is doubtfull but every bit counts. It would also add greatly to the "green" image of the car in the piublic's view.

Still trying to find a source for a controller with variable regen. Just about given up on this. May just use the standard Curtis.

Leaning towards a 144V battery pack made up from twenty four 6V cells. US batteries make a nice unit designed for golf carts. When is someone going to release a viable alternative to lead acid batteries???