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Sorry, but we no longer deal with EV cars or parts. I've left this site here as it has been very popular.


Mitsubishi Colt conversion kit.

The kit consists of an ADV-DC.jpg (17639 bytes)

Estimated advanced costing of a full conversion kit for a Mitsubishi Colt is about $7100 excluding tax. This would include everything you would need except for the batteries.



For Sale                       Series wound DC motor, coupling and adapter plate. The motor runs well at 120V with about 8 hp. The adapter plate and coupling suit a manual transmission on a Mitsubishi Colt. All the mounting hardware that is required to fit the motor into the engine bay (including torque bar and transaxle bearing mounts) is included. The motor has two field windings, one each for forward and reverse. The motor has done about 2500km since a full overhaul and has performed faultlessly.  A$650SOLD

CURTIS CONTROLLER 144V / 500A model 1231c On-Road controller with PB6 pot box. This unit is as new and has never been used. A$1500, offers accepted. SOLD

Batteries.  10 x 12V deep cycle batteries. No longer suitable for deep discharge at very high currents but still fine for lots of storage and low current draws. 130Ah capacity, manufactured in the US by US batteries. Model USD87L   A$50 each. SOLD

Electric Car

Mitsubishi Colt. As featured on this site. Batteries now need replacing. The last set cost me $1000 exactly.

A$5500   SOLD




Still under construction.