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Boross Uniserv Australia Gyrocopter Flying School is a totally Western Australian owned flying school, and the first official Full Time Gyrocopter flight training organization in Western Australia, with international training experience in China, Hungary and around the world.

The flying school provides quality Gyrocopter flying instruction on a two seater, dual controlled RAF 2000 GTX training gyrocopter.

The Flight Training is based on the school's Training Syllabus, which includes Theoretical Ground Instruction and Practical Flight Training.
The Boross Uniserv Australia Gyrocopter Flying School also caters for particular areas of special interest such as Exporting and Selling Factory designed gyrocopters.

With technical experience in the gyrocopter world Boross Uniserv Australia can also examine and modify two seater and single seater gyrocopters to Australian standard requirements, provide technical advice, balance and hang test, safety and airworthiness inspections, assemble gyrocopters from factory kits, and supply to the public and different government agencies ready to fly from standard models to fully equipped customised and luxury models

Boross Uniserv Australia
4 Chailey Place BALGA 6061
Perth Western Australia
Telephone (08) 9345 1468
Mobile 041 201 6447
Fax (08) 9345 1468
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