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Welcome to the home of Koolandra Kennels, my name is Sue Mail. We are situated in Perth, Western Australia and have been showing and breeding Saints for about 15 years. Feel free to email me for more information.                     



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We try to take the "entire dog" into consideration when planning a breeding. We don't breed very often, we like being a small kennel where quality not quantity counts. Temperament is my number one priority. Without it, it makes a pet owners life miserable, a show dog's career shaky and a working dog's life nil. Type is my second priority as it characterises the nobility of the breed. Movement is also a priority, all my breeding and show stock are Hip and elbow Xrayed and scored. My foundation lines consist of show stock from APENZEL(W.A.) being from the SOUTHSIDE (S.A.) lines, STINIYASU (N.S.W.) being the home of the Cache Retreat and Stoans American Imports.

The Breed Standard

History of the St Bernard

General Care of your St Bernard

The Saint Bernard Breed Club of W.A.

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