Baby Dog

Bernedale Just Joey#1

Additional awards - Best Baby in Show

Very nice puppy with very nice proportions, good bone, handles himself with true fashion coming and going, with maturity & fill he should get even better but the head obviously needs to develop, but the planes are there and hopefully he will fulfil his promise.

Minor Dog

Sylvenus Rocky Mountn Hi #2

Additional Award - Best Minor Puppy in Show

He has correct body proportions, at this point he is a little bit soft, which is showing with his topline and movement, and I think with fill he will come correctly in the front, right now he needs to tighten in the rear movement, he is coming a little tight in hock, and if he would use his ears a little more he would help himself because they are little bit low set, but the head planes are very pleasing.

Junior Dog

1st Koolandra Bat Out Of Hell #4

First place to a smooth, what he gives up in size, he is a very well balanced dog and his bone goes with his body and his head has very lovely planes with very nice balance in the muzzle. He tends to pace a little, that needs to be trained out, but overall, once he moves he is a very nice sound animal.

2nd Sugarmoon Pandemonium #5

Has very nice size and possibly with maturity he will fill in the front, right now he is a little bit narrow and he's giving up a little in the tight hock area, he is a little unsure of himself, which perhaps a little socialisation will help, he also needs to develop more breadth in the skull to carry the muzzle.

Intermediate Dog

1st Sylvenus Magic Happens #6

This was a very interesting class, 2 very distinct different types, I prefer the very typey head on the first dog and he carries very lovely size, very masculine with good bone, his front movement is fine. I prefer the rear movement on the second dog, but overall I think the size, bone, masculine quality in the head is going to take the day.

2nd Raaleppo Ambers Continue #7

The second one, it may be a stage he is going through, but he is showing a little bit lack of leg on the front, and as he moves appears to be moving down hill, this maybe a stage he is going through, I do not know the age on him.

Australian Bred Dog

1st Sylvenus Yankee Magic #9

Additional Award - Reserve Challenge Dog

First in the class I have placed on overall balance, his head type is very nice, he carries good length of leg underneath him, I would improve his rear, he isn't using it as well coming and going, when he gets going on the side he handles it better. The handler isn't helping when stacking him, I like the overall type, topline and bone on him.

2nd Nyranda Midnite Serenade#10

The second place dog, I would prefer a little better muzzle, he could use a little depth compared to the length, and he is a little long in body, he is a very sound dog, which is probably the soundest in the class, I would like a little bit more leg underneath him and a little more typier head.

3rd Sylvenus I'm Mitchell #8

Very nice size and bone. But he is having such difficulty at this point handling his front, part of it being weak pasterns and he's a dog that stacked, I am impressed with the size and quality, but he is having a great deal of difficulty at this point at moving.

Open Dog

Mrs Thomas combined her critique between the first & second place dogs.

1st CH Sylvenus The Highwayman #11

Additional Awards - Best Exhibit in Show, Best Open in Show, Dog CC

2nd CH Ursidae URGrand Vjoker #12

This is a very nice class and I placed the first one on the fact that he has just a little bit better leg under him and this makes his top ease just a bit better going around. Both pleasing in head although I prefer the flatter skull, a little more breadth in there, a little flatter with slight rounding, profile they're both very pleasing, the head and the expression is just a bit better on the first.

Baby Bitch

1st Sugarmoon Work Of Art #13

Very even, I like the eye on the first pup, she was very well trained, she carries good bone and carries a very good hindquarter even as a puppy, they are all moving fairly well in front.

2nd Sugarmoon Gentle Touch #15

The second puppy is giving up a little in pastern which could very well at this age be a growth stage, with giant breeds is very common. I would prefer a little less round eye when she gets enough skull and wrinkling this may not appear quite so obvious, her body proportions are very good and she is handling herself well when moving.

3rd Sugarmoon Masquerade #14

The third puppy is so full of herself and having a hard time concentrating, a little difficult to tell, again I like the expression on the first one a little bit better, and she has to improve a little bit, she is a little bit tight in hock which may be partly attitude, but she has a lot of very nice qualities to her.

Minor Bitch

Bernabby Lady Rachael #16

I think she is going through the teenage structure stage but she has very nice legs under, unfortunately when she moves she is showing a slightly straight stifle, this may settle back in, but right now she's having a bit of trouble extending there. I do like the length underneath her, she is carrying a good topline and she is pleasing in head, she probably needs to broaden out and even out as far as the muzzle is concerned and the skull, all of this may come.

Puppy Bitch

Sugarmoon Remember Me #17

Additional Award - Best Puppy in Show

Obviously a new bitch that doesn't quite know what to do with herself, she is having trouble adjusting from pacing to a normal gait, and it makes it rather difficult to assess the movement, she does carry good bone, she needs to broaden in skull and deepen a little bit in muzzle, at this age it is probably acceptable, she carries very good topline, it is just a question as to whether she can get trained enough that she can handle the gait properly.

Junior Bitch

1st Raaleppo Lady Anzac #19

Additional Award - Best Junior in Show

I very much like the angulation on her, she is a little bit better on topline and she is more pleasing in head. She carries a very nice expression, very good breadth of skull and depth of muzzle

2nd Lympne Flashe Dancer #18

I do prefer the length of leg under the second bitch, however she is giving up a bit in topline and her lack of bend of stifle, she is not as quite as pleasing in expression, but presents a very pretty picture going around the ring.

Intermediate Bitch

1st Ch Sylvenus New Age Fashion #23

Additional Awards - R/U Best in Show, Best Intermediate in Show, Bitch CC

Very close quality in the first 2 bitches here and they both handle their size and their bone very nicely, I like the muzzle on the first bitch, it contributes to a little typier expression, she carries good depth of muzzle and a little deeper in the length.

2nd Sylvenus Lady Matrika #21

The second one gives up slightly in that area, but she carries very nice bone and they are both very sound quality bitches.

3rd Koolandra Wild Thang #20

Could use a bit more depth in muzzle and I would prefer just a bit more bitch overall, although she too has a great deal of quality to her, very nice sound moving bitch, needs to just settle down a bit.

Australian Bred Bitch

1st Ch Santavista Lady Madonna #27

Additional Award - Best Australian Bred in Show, Reserve Challenge Bitch

Very nice quality in this class, it became very small items that made the difference, both bitches first and second were very clean coming, I found the first one a little bit better in head type, a little shorter in muzzle and better expression coming at me.

2nd Sylvenus Up Front #26

The second one was a little reluctant to go today, I make her a very nice bitch, her topline is perhaps a little stronger if she had used it a little better, she was just a little bit reluctant to move and I make the earset a bit better on the first one. Both have very nice length of leg underneath.

3rd Ch Sylvenus Oh So Smooth #25

I also find extremely pleasing, I just wish she had a little more leg underneath her but she does balance out and she is sound and has pleasing expression, she could use a little bit stronger in the supra orbital ridge area to define the head piece, but an equal quality bitch.

Open Bitch

1st Ch Tai Yuan Kiwi Affair (NZ) #30

First place to a good size bitch, carries very correct head type, she is very pleasing coming on, she has nice size and nice bone, she handles her size well, I would improve the topline.

2nd Ch Raaleppo Bella Donna #29

Is better in topline and she is very pleasing in head, I would like a bit more leg underneath her to give her the proper length proportions, but she is quite pleasing in head, she could stand just a bit more depth in muzzle.

3rd Ch Koolandra Wildeyed Dream #28

I would like more throughout, she's sound, she does dish a bit in the muzzle and her head planes and her expression could be just a bit better.