"Thanks guys, you are doing a really good job. I feel very secure with your keen eye for problems."
V Levin

"Very pleased with the service. Your staff have always been courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. The support from your technical staff has been very helpful and timely. I am pleased to be able to use a WA based company for my internet service and encourage you to keep growing and getting better."
T Crisp

"Very happy having Commerce Australia as our internet service provider. I have recommended you to a lot of our friends."
K Morrison

"Overall, Commerce Australia has provided me with great service (sales & support) and thatís why I have never needed to look elsewhere."
D Brennan

"We have been using Commerce Australia for close to three years now and have never had a service provider hassle in that time. Keep it up team, you will always have our business."
A Scott

"Your company is excellent to deal with, your staff are always patient and extremely helpful. They deserve top marks for excellence. On the whole we like the way you do business. I'd like to thank your staff for all the help they have given me."
P Vaughan

"It has not been necessary for me to contact your staff since I connected a few years ago. Your service is excellent. I use Bigpond at my main accounting office and I don't find their service any better than yours. I have never been bumped off, nor do I have any difficulty in getting a connection when required. I am quite pleased with Commerce Australia."
Allan, Watson Accounting

"I am very pleased with Commerce Australia's customer service. I have recommended Commerce Australia to a number of people and I think the bonus of extra hours for recommending people is great! If the service continues as it is or better I certainly will not be looking for another ISP! I am impressed!"
S Herrington

"I was very impressed with service that I received from Simon and the team when I set up my website last year. I have gone back to him with further queries and he has always answered my questions and been very helpful. On a few occasions I have spoken to Ashley on support matters and always had matters resolved quickly and efficiently. I am very impressed with the service offered by Commerce Australia."
L Foppoli, Hopscotch Children's Clothing

"I like Commerce Australia because they can provide the internet to me at the right price and also provide me with the service. I was previously with one.net, which had the right price, however for the time I was with them, I sent 32 emails to their support and after 4 months I got my first reply."
G Mackay

"I'm very pleased with my ISP! The pay as you go service is fantastic for someone who is a low frequency user, and mainly uses the internet for sending and receiving e-mail. I've never had to phone your staff, but am sure they'd be as good as the internet service you provide."
V Mackay

"I rate Commerce Australia very highly. I'll admit I have tried some of the free hour offers by other servers, but have not been impressed. One has kept cutting me off (which has never happened with Commerce)."
H Hammond

"Generally very pleased with your service. Previously with Bigpond after experiencing drop outs with another company. Cost was a reason for changing from Bigpond. Your service is equal to or if not better than Bigpond at a lesser cost. Many thanks."
T Murphy

"I have been with Commerce for some time and have introduced up to one dozen or so people to your service. Commerce offers simple hook up and an easy to use browser page. In the past I had used ISP's that were only interested with taking your money and giving little or poor service. The times I have needed to talk to your office staff always led to friendly service. Keep up the good work."
M Sorenson

"I am impressed with your new opening page, especially the checking of email from another company. I also like the way that I can buy the time instead of paying monthly fees. This suits my needs much better. Thanks!"
G Scott

"I have been very happy with Commerce Australia as an internet service provider and have been a loyal user for the past 3 years. Thanks."
L Browne

"The main reason we like Commerce Australia is that we can pre-pay for our usage. As we are on a limited budget this saves us a monthly bill and your rates are very competitive. We have recommended all our friends to Commerce Australia."
S Maddocks

"3 years usage with Commerce Australia has always been excellent. Staff very helpful and importantly reliable. I always recommend Commerce Australia as an internet supplier. I speak as I find, and you have never let me down. Congratulations to all your staff. Keep up the excellent work. Several friends in the east have Bigpond and always have trouble with it."
PJR Bowman

"We are not a huge user of time but we are extremely satisfied with the service and information that we receive. Thank you very much and keep up the good work."
P Radovich, Rado Real Estate

"I always recommend Commerce Australia. Whenever I access my mail there are never any delays. Thanks for your monitoring over the last 4 years of my first-time PC ownership."
K Criddle

"Have been a customer of Commerce Australia for 3 years (since Feb'98) and although it's a competitive market, are very satisfied with its service. The Commerce Australia home page is a great source of information, especially when "in the mood" for a surf. Thanks Commerce Australia for providing and may you continue to keep us connected to the superhighway."
K & J Thomas

"At work our company has an Australia wide service provider and I think your service is excellent compared to them and other people I speak to who use the internet. Keep up the good work."
C J Wheeler

"All in all we are happy with the service and it suits us to pay for "hours per year" rather than "by the month" as with your competitors."
N Lynch

"It is probably a measure of the reliability of your service that I have never had to contact your support staff."
H Gill, Pleydell Court Pty Ltd

"Very happy with the user pays service. I find this the most economical available for my usage. Can not fault the your provision. Thank you."
B Shaddick

"As an ISP, Commerce rates highly. Commerce service is outstanding!!"
C Capes

"I have been with Commerce Australia since 1997 and am very pleased with their service."
T Davies

"I am very happy with Commerce Australia. I will continue recommending others. Keep up the good work."
P Harvey

"I am quite pleased with the service you provide. Whenever I have phoned for support I have found the staff to be very courteous and helpful."
P Brown

"I have been with Commerce Australia for quite a while now and have been extremely happy with the service. Keep up the good work. Thank you."
W Barker, Secure Alarms

"I have found Commerce Australia to be a very good ISP, providing good service at reasonable rates. Thanks for the service/newsletters/special offers. Keep it up."
V Ralls

"Your service is excellent."
P Newnes, Cost Plus Stores

"Great ISP."
D Macpherson

"Commerce Australia have provided a good service over the past three years and we will continue to utilize your service."
H Dennison

"I have found Commerce Australia a very good internet supplier and have had no trouble at all. I even found the staff very helpful when I rang to ask a question. Thank you."
K Errington

"Always happy with Commerce Australia. Never have a problem getting on. Never get dropped off. Always helpful staff."
T Lynch

"Thanks Jane for the great and continuing service."
B Munro, Western Irrigation Pty Ltd

"Overall I have found the service to be good and have never had troubles logging on."
C Stasse

"Your service is excellent."
M Thomas

"The service has certainly improved over the years since I first enlisted with Commerce Australia."
E Wilson

"I've been very pleased with the service, and I recommend you highly to my friends and colleagues."
J McCallum-Johnstone, CAJ Consulting

"Overall we have been very pleased with the service you provide. When we had a problem connecting at our holiday house Storm was very helpful during the course of numerous phone calls, and we managed to get connected. Thank you."
S Dival & S Harrison, Meridian Studio of Design

"Very satisfied with your company at the present standard. Keep up the good work!"
B W Burke

"Service staff are excellent at problem solving."
A Forrest

"Very pleased with the service, regularly recommend others."
C Buckee

"I found your webmail service overseas excellent for my emails."
Y Montgomery

"Over the past 12 months have found the service of Commerce Australia to be of a high standard with competitive pricing."
L Weston

"Very happy with the service and compares favorably with others checked out recently."
G Sherborne

"I am happy with you guys this is why I am still here. Also I am happy with your email related stuff like virus warnings. All the best and keep going!"
L Boross, Boross Uniserv Australia Gyrocopter Flying School

"I have had no problems with Commerce Australia at all and have always recommended your company. Thanks for making life easier!"
J Harrold

"To date we have never had cause for complaint - in fact we've referred several people to Commerce Australia."
I & L McNulty

"I like you."
A Pippet

"I find Commerce Australia value for money."
P Whiteman

"Well done - providing what we want without the fluff."
D Coyne

"Although we have not had to contact you very much, the times we have had difficulties, we have been very happy with the response and we have also given a lot of people your name and told them it is good value for money."
J & B Turner

"I am very happy with Commerce Australia's services. In particular, I would like to mention the excellent service received by Jaye in technical support. I was assisting a friend in connecting to Commerce Australia on her home computer when we ran into problems and Jaye was extremely patient, courteous and helpful."
S Mignacca

"Generally very pleased with the service."
L Risk, Dimpsey-Bass Builders

"So far I have been very satisfied."
V Barlow

"Satisfied customer!"
D Mills

"Generally speaking very satisfactory, overall improvement over the last 6-12 months."
M Curran

"I very seldom have trouble connecting to your site."
J Pearce

"Very pleased with Commerce Australia's service."
D Blake, David Blake Horticultural Services

"I am very impressed with the quality of the service you provide and have been for quite some time."
C Burrows

"I'm happy with the service."
B Mason

"Am quite satisfied with the service Commerce provides and have no interest in changing despite much media pressure."
E Dell

"I almost never have to ring -that's a good sign surely!"
B Brown

"Very good service! Keep up the good work."
H Elscot

"Generally very happy with good service, value and speed."
S Cain

"Very happy with current service."
T Pickering, Hills Christian Faith Centre

"Good service thank you."
G Thomas

"Congratulations! Your site looks neat, logical, business like yet clean and crisp. The web-based email log on, on the home page, is also a master stroke and much appreciated. I use it all the time whilst traveling, but now do not have to wait for pages to load in order to log on."
H Lezer

"Excellent site upgrade, got rid of those bandwidth hogging high re sgraphics and made the site extremely easy, and fast to navigate."
G Anderson

"The new home page is a great improvement."
A Carson

"The new look web site is much better than before - easier to read and understand the benefits."
S Graham, Corporate Rewards

"Great new site, much more user friendly and better colours too."
H Cray

"I like your new web site, it's faster to download and easy to use, well done."
J Levin, Aha! Consulting

"I just wanted to let you know, I think your new home page is fantastic. Well done."
C Lowe

"Your web site is now much better and user friendly, keep up the good work."
K Schurmann

"I think the new home page is far better. Easier to read, easier to find thing! Google Search also makes life easier."
C Morris

"I thought your previous web page was well put together but the new one is a credit to you all - very slick and easy to use. Well done."
R Hedger