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Introduction to Commerce Australia Domain Name Services.
What is a domain?
Thinking about owning a domain name?
What is Domain name registration?
What is Domain name hosting?
What does Domain Renewal mean?
What is web page hosting?
How much does it cost?
Contact details for Commerce Australia

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Protect your Registry Key and Domain name

Introduction to Commerce Australia Domain Name Services.

Commerce Australia can assist you with registration of a new domain name or renewal and hosting of an existing domain. Commerce has been registering, renewing and hosting domain names for over six years during which time we have established systems and databases to ensure that your domain name is always protected. We would like to notify our valued clients of some important information in regard to this service.

What is a domain?

Also referred to as Internet name or Internet address, a domain name is a unique address on the Internet. Generally domain names start with www such as www.ca.com.au.

Thinking about owning a domain name?

For those of you who have not registered the name of your business for access via the Internet, for example yourbusiness.com.au, you should consider doing so because your ownership of the company or trading name does not give you the right to that internet address.

Through registering a similar trading name, it is possible for anyone to register the Domain name that should be rightfully yours and point all of your potential customers to their Internet site. This actually happens on a frequent basis and is generally done by either competitors or other businesses seeking to take advantage of your well-known company name.

What is Domain Name Registration?

Domain name registration occurs when you decide you want to own a domain name.

You will be asked to complete a Domain Registration Form. This will include details of your business including your ABN number. For .com.au domain names, we must be able to prove that your business name matches the domain that you are requesting. For example Bob Green Trucks could register any of the following domain names: (if they have not already been registered)

1. Bobgreen.com.au
2. Bobgreentrucks.com.au
3. Greentrucks.com.au
4. Bgt.com.au and various combinations of the above.

The com.au name allocation policy conditions include that applicants:

1. Apply using your eligible commercial entity name (ie company, business, legal name, trading name) to register your com.au, and
2. The domain name can be derived from either the complete entity name, or an abbreviation. If you use an abbreviation of the entity name ensure that:
* You use only the characters contained in the entity name
* While characters can be removed from the entity name, the sequence of the characters cannot be altered, and
* New characters that do not appear in the entity name cannot be introduced

A reputable ISP, such as Commerce Australia, is able to register the domain name on your behalf with the governing body that manages the relevant domain name. Commerce Australia registers domain names via INWW (Internet Names World Wide) - also called MelbourneIT.

What is Domain Name Hosting?

Once you have registered a domain name, you need to find someone to 'host' the domain for you. The fee for hosting covers the "parking" of the domain name on a server. A server allows the domain name to be active on the Internet - either as a web site or for directing emails.

What does Domain Renewal mean?

Every two years you need to pay a 'registration' fee to continue to own your domain name - this fee is called a domain renewal. The maximum period that a domain name can be registered for is 2 years. If this fee is not paid prior to the expiry date, the domain may become available for another company to 'register'.

What is Web Page Hosting?

This is a fee to "park" a web site on our servers. All of the Commerce Australia dialup connection products include this for free. However, if a client does not have an account with Commerce Australia but a web hosting account is created for them.

How much does it cost?

Commerce Australia will register and host your Domain name for only $320.00 for a two year period.

This fee of $320.00 is made up of:

$137.50 for domain registration/renewal.
$182.50 for domain hosting. (Our hosting fee works out to around $8.00 per month.)

We have noticed that some companies are charging in excess of $220.00 just for the registration/renewal fee. This is over $80.00 more than what you pay with Commerce Australia. Please research your prices carefully before sending off your next domain renewal cheque.

Contact Details

If you require any further information, please feel free to call Jaye on 9226 0011 or email them at dns@ca.com.au. We will be happy to do an obligation free search with regard to the availability of any Trading or Company names that you may have so feel free to ask us for this service.

Finally, if a company contacts you about your website, hosting or domain renewal, please call our office and let us investigate.