A new concept in venetian blind window dressing, Ventex maintains the quality and sophisticated soft decor look of fabric, but in a style that is functional and decorative. Ventex is available in a large range of fashion colours and a comprehensive selection of subtle abstract and floral prints.
Ventex possesses the characteristics of roller, pleated and venetian blinds.
All Ventex fabric venetians are tailor made to fit individual windows or doors.
Ventex is made from 100% polyester or a polyester and cotton blend and are ideal for all types of window dressing from home to office.
Ventex fabric venetians are narrow woven slats 2" (50mm) wide.
The coating on the fabric is a protective antistatic finish, which minimises dust and makes cleaning easy.
Edge reinforcement provides rigidity and elasticity.
An acrylic coating is applied to the fabric for additional rigidity.
Ladder tapes and cords are used to secure and control louvre blades.
Ventex is made by Mardo Australia Pty Ltd with world wide patent and registered designs applied for.



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