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Commerce Australia is an Australian owned and operated company; and is a member of the Western Australian Internet Association.

We offer a combination of Internet access accounts, suiting the first time user, through to permanent business and broadband connections. View our products now .

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Latest News

Account usage - 28th July 2006

Dear Clients, recently blocktime users may have noticed that the Internet usage page via the Members Area was not working. This has now been fixed.

Commerce Australia Support Team
[28 Jul 2006]

New Webmail - 16th June 2006

Dear Clients, we have been listening to your requests regarding a new webmail system and now we have implemented one! It has improved speed and stability and is much better on the eyes. Both webmail systems will run at the same time (but the old webmail will be phased out in a few months) for you to get used to the new system. Any questions about the system can be answered by the 'Help' link at the bottom of the new webmail login screen (found when you click the yellow "CA WEBMAIL" button to the top-right of this page).

Commerce Australia Support Team
[16 Jun 2006]

Got SPAM? - 20th February 2006

Dear Clients, you may have noticed that spam over the past few months has doubled, to help us out with our spam filters, we would appreciate if you forward [FWD] your re-occuring spam emails to so we can train them into our system to be blocked. Hopefully we can work together to get rid of this electronic epidemic!

Commerce Australia Support Team
[20 Feb 2006]

UNSOLICITED/SPAM EMAILS - 24th November 2005

Dear Clients, there are new viruses/trojans circluating via email that seem to either come from, or other random domain names.

Please bear with us as we try to deal with this new Sober virus, and be sure to scan your machine for viruses to help us stop it from spreading.

Click Here to download the AVG antivirus program

Thank You.
Commerce Australia Support Team
[24 Nov 2005]

New CADSL Product

For more information - Click Here [23 March 2005]

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