The "HM" series wet scrubbers

Fume cupboards are employed in laboratories primarily to remove toxic, acidic, alkali, or otherwise hazardous fume or particulate from the immediate work area.

Once the fume or particulate has been contained, collected and exhausted from the work area, the next consideration is how to safely discharge and/or disperse it.

In some countries and non-suburban areas in Australia it is acceptable to simply disperse it directly to atmosphere via a fan and exhaust stack. However, increasingly there is an environmental requirement to remove some or all of the hazardous content from the exhaust gas stream before discharging to atmosphere.

The most common method of removal is to direct the exhaust gas stream through a wet scrubber which may contain a neutralising chemical or simply water..

The "HM" wet scrubber has been specifically designed to achieve this with a high degree of efficiency employing well established principles of operation.

The installation of a "HM" wet scrubber will satisfy environmental authorities in most cases and even where not absolutely mandatory, will give the business operator the peace of mind of environmental responsibility.

An optional automatic "PH" dosing system can be incorporated with the scrubber to maximise efficient use of neutralising chemical and thereby minimise running cost and maintenance.

The internal design of these units allows for minimal restriction to gasflow whilst achieving maximum physical interaction and chemical exchange.

Typical "HM" scrubber

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