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The HS Series Fume Cupboards

The "HS" series laboratory fume cupboards have been developed over a period of aproximately 10 years in close consultation with senior laboratory staff Australia wide. The result is a range of fume cupboards that are versatile, functional, efficient and durable.

Their efficient design and user friendly operation including soft white internal lighting means a safe and enjoyable work environment for laboratory staff which is essential to business operators in an age where occupational health and safety issues (and laws) are a priority.

Although all materials of construction are premium quality, cost efficient design ensures affordability for the most basic of laborarories whilst performance and modern lines will compliment the most sophisticated analytical facility.

With integerated systems now operating in America, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and most states in Australia, Hop's Manufacturing are true leaders in their field.

Because our equipment is designed and built on our own premises a full backup service for installation, relocation, spare parts and technical advice are always available.

Your decision to invest in Hop's Manufacturing equipment will ensure that you achieve the three most important objectives when making an investment

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