Hop's Manufacturing
engineered PVC fans

Hop's Manufacturing
fans are built to last!

Hop's Manufacturing PVC fans are engineered to meet the demand of modern laboratory requirements.

All components directly exposed to the chemically aggressive gas stream are fabricated from high grade PVC which gives superior resistance to corrosion. Other features which make Hop's Manufacturing fans superior are

  1. Dynamically balanced impeller
  2. Double VEE belt drive on taper-lock pulley's
  3. Galvanised safety cover over pulley drive system
  4. Galvanised and powder coated steel support stand
  5. High quality self aligning bearings in cast iron plumber block housings (can be fitted with optional 12 month auto-lube system)
  6. Vibration absorbing mountings
  7. Optional galvanised steel roof mounting frame with integral support for exhaust stack
  8. Electric motors are totally enclosed fan cooled type and are sourced locally for ease of parts or replacement availability
  9. Flexible duct connections to allow for ease of installation and minimum vibration transmission.
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