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The CIA World Fact Book
Your complete guide to world wide opportunities and conditions. This CD Rom contains information on just about every country in the world. Their trade, government, religion, telecommunications networks, government leaders, language and customs. It is an invaluable resource tool for anyone wanting information about countries other than ours. A "must have" for anyone studying or dealing internationally.

300 Classic Books
This is the second of our reprint and sell titles. On this CD Rom you will find the works of world famous authors. The full text is there waiting for you.

School Master
Rated tops by parents and teachers. This super shareware CD covers all subjects, preschool to college. Includes IQ tests and hundreds of educational programs. It is the perfect CD Rom for teachers and parents who are supporting the education of their children.

Games Pro
The ultimate games CD. Featuring the top ten games in America today; DOOM & Updates, Wolfenstein, Strategy and War Games, Arcade games, Action and Adventure, Card and Casino Games, Educational Games and more. There are over 600 computer based games on this CD ROM, enough to keep every kid (including big kids) entertained for days.

Writers Block
For the author within you! A recent survey of people over 50 showed that over 65% of them wanted two things. They want to travel and they want to write about it. This CD Rom is for everyone who wants to write. A CD collection of tools for writing fiction or prose. Book outlines, grammar and spell checkers, word processors, fonts, clip art, hypertext and everything you will ever need to craft anything from a letter to a book.

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