How to Start
Your Own Business

If you have been waiting for just the right moment, just the right time to start your own highly profitable business, your wait is over.

I have been in business for over fifteen years, and I am always on the lookout for the "ultimate" products and information. You know that once in a lifetime products or information can help you make huge profits and help you start your own business, or can help you improve your existing business.

While this kind of information does exist, it is extremely rare, and most people looking for the right opportunity never get to feel the thrill that comes from the tidal wave of responses this type of information generates.

Your Life Will Change Forever

If you want to start your own business and make money quickly, you need to have the right information in an easy to follow format along with the right product lo sell, and that is what this document is all about... helping you find the right project and information for these times, projects you can roll out effortlessly and make a lot of money quickly, ultimately changing your life forever.

Checklist for finding the "right" information or project

The "right" information will have the following characteristics:

And wouldn't you love to find the right information or project with all these characteristics!

If your answer is "yes!", then you are going to love the rest of this document. If your answer is "no", then read on anyway; I guarantee you will be entertained and you might be surprised with what you discover (but how could you not be interested in information with all these characteristics!).


This (finding the right information on starting or owning your own business) is a real adventure. Much like panning for gold. And when it works, when you find gold in your pan, it is a lot of fun. And even when there is no gold in your pan, you are learning. You are learning how to pan, where to pan, and even what size pan to use.

And this is what the "ultimate" information is all about. Showing you how to own and run your own successful money making business. So if you want the ultimate solution and own your own business, and if you want to make real money and make it for a long time, you will want our highly valued "Business in the Box" package.

Heres How it Works: because there is a tremendous amount of information in our "Business in the Box" package, we have put each title on four separate CD Roms (but twist my arm and I can send each title to you in print), and because we know our information is so good, CD Roms was the only way to package so much information. The demand for CD Rom titles is hot because of the incredible amount of information that can be stored on them, just like we have crammed onto ours to help you own your own business and make big profits along the way.

We marvel at the pioneers that travelled the United States in covered waggons. But did you know that many people who came west could not even afford a waggon, and a hand held cart held all their belongings? Determination and conviction are all you need to reach your dreams.

Description of the CD Roms

The CD Roms are all easy to start, easy to use, menu driven, user friendly reference libraries of valuable information and tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

All of these CDs will run on IBM compatible computers; start with the simple command of "GO" and have pop up help and information screens guide you. These CDs have been tested, and will run in the DOS, Windows & Windows 95 operating systems.

The Start Your Own Business CD Rom. Whether you are planning to start your own business, or have already made the plunge, this is a CD Rom you will want to take a look at. This easy-to-use, easy to follow CD Rom provides advice and information on just about every aspect of starting and running a successful business.

The Business Success Toolbox CD Rom. If you have been looking for powerful software tools that can propel your business to profitability, look no further. This CD Rom has them all! This CD is packed with the kind of software programs businesses are looking for.

Doing Business On Line. It seems like everyone is talking about doing business on the Internet these days. Its no wonder, as through the Internet a business can reach over 30 million potential customers! If you have wondered what the internet is all about, and what it would take to get your business online, then this is the CD Rom for you! This easy to use, easy to follow CD gives you a pictorial tour of the lnternet and shows you how to get on line quick.

Business Pro. The Best of the Best for business owners and entrepreneurs. Over IOOO business programs for every kind of business. Titles in Accounting and Book keeping, Marketing, Business Processing, Bulletin Board Software and Communications, General Reference and much more, Over 1,100 programs designed to help Small Businesses, including home offices.

600 How to Books, Reports and Guides. This exciting new title was recently released onto the Australian Market place. It sold over 8000 copies in the first 30 days. This is singularly the hottest title we have available. The full text to Over 6OO books, guides and reports is on this one single CD Rom titles include: How to Start a Profitable Home Based Business, Sure Fire Methods of Making Instant Cash, The Beginners Opportunity Guide, The Easiest Most Profitable Mail Order Business, The Lazy Persons Secrets to Overnight Wealth, How to Start Your Own Day Care Centre , How to Start Your Own Auto Tune-up Shop, How to Make Money Buying and Selling Cars and hundreds of others are included on this CD ROM.

More About These CD Rom Titles.

All of these CD ROM titles were designed with today's CD ROM customer in mind. That's why all our CD ROM titles are...

What Does It Cost?

The "Business in the Box" package includes everything you need to know about owning and running your own business. As your investment, we want to make this information affordable to you and we have been able to because we have packaged the four titles together to give you the ultimate information on these easy to use CD Roms, and we are able to offer this complete five CD Rom "Business in the Box" package for a one time investment of $149.00 including postage and handling. Or $49.00 for each single CD ordered .

That's right! You can get everything mentioned in this document; the complete "Business in the Box" featuring 600 How-to Books, Reports and Guides, The Start Your Own Business CD Rom, The Business Success Toolbox CD Rom, Business Pro and Doing Business On-Line. I urge you to call us today. And yes, you can use your Visa, Mastercard, Bank Card, Personal Cheque or Diners Card. But you must hurry, because like most of our offers, this one is sure to sell out quickly. To reserve your "Business in the Box", call Mark Peters on our order hot line 388 1950, or mobile 0418 931 556, or fax your order to Att. Mark Peters (09) 388 1951. International callers please use the prefix -Int Tel lDD +61

P.S. We have other titles available. Ask about our special deals on any of these excellent CD Roms.