About Commerce Australia
Commerce Australia is an Australian owned and operated company; and is a member of the Western Australian Internet Association.

We offer a combination of Internet access accounts, suiting the first time user, through to permanent business connections or fully maintained servers. To get online today, create an account now .

Commerce Australia is also home to RealtyOnline - an easy way to buy, sell or lease property in Western Australia. It also offers agents access to sales and listing data, and provides management of contracts, listings and expenditure.

Our newest portal site RentFind allows anyone to upload their rental properties for free. For a fee, online accounting tools are available for the properties uploaded; calculating your Profit & Loss and Depreciation.

We also specialise in web design. Click here to view some of our designs.

Our fully digital equipment results in reliability, which is well regarded by our clients. We use Lucent-Max4000 and Max6064 dial up servers and CISCO routers & switches.

Currently, we use UUNet and SingTel as our uplink providers. Furthermore we have a direct link into WAIX providing fast access to other W.A. sites and the source of our news feed (newsgroups).

Our multi-homing topology provides redundancy if a given link ever fails.

Level 2, 8 Parliament Place
West Perth, Western Australia 6005